Friday, August 7, 2015

Gavel, Blake and Burnbank

Great conditions

The Friday evening before I went to Yorkshire for a week with the family.  Great weather.  David was wanting to get out and was a bit concerned that I would shoot off without him but we took it steady and stuck together.

The route from Fangs Brown goes over the beautiful terrace path above Loweswater before climbing over rough ground to the fence junction and nearby summit of Gavel Fell.  From here it's a little run down before a steeper climb up to the summit of Blake Fell.  A nice run, if a bit muddy over to Burnbank Fell before picking up the grassy trod which heads North East before swinging around to the North and a steep descent back to the start track.

Seven and a half miles.  This is a great course which will be run many times.

I took my new Inov8 Mudclaws out.  I've pretty much destructed my first pair and it's a mark of their quality and my happiness with them that I have bought another pair.  They did rub a bit on the heel, just because they were new more than anything I think, so a plaster was needed on the climb to Gavel.

Before and after pictures on the right.

Blake Fell

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