Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ling Fell Lookout

Jonathan's cousin, Gerard had a round of the full North Western Fells planned.  We headed up Ling Fell, which would have been his second to last to look out for him coming over from the Whinlatter Fells and then run in the last few fells of Ling and Sale Fell with him.

I was a bit anxious coming up the front of Ling Fell, thinking that Gerard might have come a different way and bypassed us.

We hung around on the top for quite a while, running over to the other side of the fell to see if we could see him going up Sale Fell but there was no sight of him.

Eventually we got a call from Gerard's wife to say that he had stopped on the Coledale Fells.  I'm not sure of the exact story but I think he had a late start and didn't feel like running into darkness so chose a stopping point where he could get back to his car.

Once we established this, we headed off the back of the fell and took the grassy lonning all around the fell, coming back along the road.  Nice route and a good catch up although I think this is the run that established that Jonathan had a proper knee injury and he was going to have to seek advice.  Poor bugger.

Jonathan looking left and right for Gerard

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