Friday, August 28, 2015

Some Sale Fells (x4)

Sale Fell is the fell I visit the most.  I'm about a month behind with blogging and still want to use this blog as a record of all my ascents of the Wainwright fells so I have grouped a number of Sale Fell runs here.

29th July - trying out the latest trainers donated by Jonathan.  Inov8 Mudclaws 265

1st August was eventful.  I found a message which had been attached to a balloon and also freed a sheep that had its horns stuck in a fence.

the message.  I contacted her mum on Facebook to tell her I had found the balloon.

2nd August and we decided to conquer the other top on Sale Fell which has been created by the recent mass logging.  We called it Hardly Pike.

Finally, a little easy Sale Fell run as part of my taper for the St Bega's Ultra.  I'm without a camera at the moment so just the Strava link to post.


  1. Heyas Paul, Craig Donaldson here.

    Are you the Paul Arts from when we used to ride BMX back in the 90s at Barrow and we bought the Skate Park together before I stupidly spent not enough time there and left you to pretty much run it yourself? :)

    If so good to see you around dude (and looking damn healthy), be great to hear from you.


    P.S. At a ripe old 44 I have bought a BMX again and hitting the Urban Extreme ramp. :)

    1. Hi Craig, yes that's me. How are you these days? My knees won't allow me to box these days. I have a mountain bike but it's mainly fell running that keeps me going.

    2. Heyas,

      Cool, I don't want to clog up your blog with nostalgia so if you are up for it drop me an e-mail on craigfil (and then the ol' email address) but don't feel you have to, it must be... 25 years or so?!!

      Very impressed with the blog/running/triathlon stuff, I am positively sedentary by comparison :)

      BTW I still suck at BMX and I definitely don't bounce as well as I used to, but I forgot how much I love those 20" wheels!