Sunday, August 18, 2013

Whole Family Runs

all set to go?

Last week Hannah learnt to ride her bike.  She could obviously already balance, she just lacked confidence as it took us about ten minutes to talk her through the steps of lifting her feet up, putting them on the pedals and then actually pedaling.  Since then there has been no stopping her.  Fiona has been wanting to get back into running.  We have had one run when my mum and dad were here when I introduced her to the pleasures of running in the rain but it's hard for us to run together because of the kids.  So we bought a jogging buggy from eBay.  Fiona has tried it out a few times but today we got to all go out as a family, Hannah on her bike, me and Fiona running and Lucy was quite happy sitting either sleeping or watching us.


"I love it!"

Mum was at the back

still smiling
Hannah did at least 5 miles with all her switchbacks

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