Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sale Fell

I've had a few runs around Sale Fell this week.  Despite not going over the summit, there's some hills to conquer and I'm pleased with being able to keep going, just stopping for gates and, on the first run, a group of fallen trees.

Jonathan negotiating a few obstacles on the first run.

After having to negotiate these trees on the first run, I took a different track on the second run.  I think overall, this was an easier way.  It soon links back up to the same route.

lovely views over Bassenthwaite Lake to Dodd and Skiddaw after emerging from the woods

back towards Sale Fell

Ling Fell on the left

onto the fast track now - lots of boats on Bassenthwaite

comparison of the two runs - time made up today by not climbing through trees 

I thought my watch was taking too long to find the satellites today.  I wonder if the government has been meddling?  Due to the current terrorism threats (joke)...(I think)... The only place the route should be any different is in the woods where I took the lower track.

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