Friday, July 12, 2013

Grisedale Pike via The Grind

the route we took up Grisedale Pike

I should know better.  I wasn't sure I was going to make a meet up with Jonathan and Gerard today for a fell run.  I was on top of Red Screes when I got a call from Jonathan who told me he was, "on his way".  Jonathan also said that Gerard's knee was still bothering him so we would only be doing an easy trail run today.  I should know better.

almost 9 miles with a killer climb

We met at Braithwaite and headed off up Whinlatter Pass, breaking off to head along a really nice trail.  After a bit we started climbing gently with a few long sustained climbs.  All very manageable.  The heat was making it hard but all in all we managed well.  We had a bit of a rest at the viewpoint and Gerard pointed out the climb up to Grisedale Pike.  Yikes!

nice easy trails through the forest

evolution of running shorts - left to right

The Grind
The Grisedale Grind is a fell race put on each year by Keswick Athletics Club.

The record for the race is approximately 27 minutes.  It goes from the visitors centre, through the woods and up the steep path you can see on the picture on the left and then back down again.

I'm not sure how long it took me to get up but I know it was a hot hard slog and it wasn't fast.

Gerard was in front as usual but even he wasn't able to run the whole way up.

almost at the top of Grisedale Pike

on the summit - it's definitely downhill from here

From the summit we headed over to Coledale Hause and then descended to the mine road for a few miles back to Braithwaite.  Jonathan and Gerard went for a dip in the beck, I went for a pint of Blackcurrant and Lemonade.

Gerard and Jonathan traversing above Force Crag Mine

Jonathan not taking the plunge like last time


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