Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cat Bells

we spent 12 minutes being dumb on top of a mountain

Cat Bells is a little fell.  We thought we might have a chance of running all the way to the top but we significantly underestimated it.  We had a laugh though, up and over in 52 minutes, 12 of which was spent being stupid, jumping around and taking photos.

3.8 miles

climbing up above Derwent Water

some runnable bits, some scrambly bits, some unexpected drop offs

climbing to the summit

higher than Cat Bells

There is a nice undulating ridge to run along and then a steep stony descent - a real bone shaker. At the junction in the path we turned off to follow the track back along joining up and running along the road for the final section.

I was watching the heart rate zones today, trying to keep in zone 4 along the road but Jonathan was pulling away so I had to keep up.

It's ok, I'm not the one that supposed to be following a marathon training plan!

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