Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hardly AC Rannerdale Knotts

The run up the valley is a nice little climbing challenge, made more difficult by conditions today

At the end of May one could be forgiven for expecting favourable weather conditions.  The Facebook chatter on the Hardly AC group page during the day indicated that this was definitely not the case and several members were going through the, all too familiar, process of #Ashworthing.  With numbers depleted, but having embarrassed at least one group member into turning up, it was a select few that gathered at the Cinderdale Common car park for the run.  The original intention had been to head up Rannerdale Valley and on to Whiteless Pike, over to Grasmoor and back down my favourite descent line of Red Gill scree.  With the conditions as they were, the plan was unanimously changed to a much more gentle run up and around Rannerdale Knotts.

It was the first time in a long while that I have had full waterproofs on from the start of the run.  I still got quite wet but it was a summer wet, not really cold, just soaking wet.  We made our way up the valley.  I had a good go at getting to the top without stopping and, as is often the case, would have carried on if I had known how near I was to the end when I stopped to wait for the others.  From the col, we turned back to run along the ridge to Rannerdale Knotts summit.  There are a few false summits along this ridge but the top is evident when you find it.

After a few rushed pictures, we dropped steeply to the lake side and then around the woods and down into Buttermere village where Howard showed us a really nice trail through some old woods.  We continued on this path and eventually got back to the col at the top of the valley and enjoyed an easy descent back to the cars.

It was wet, really wet, the kind of wet where you can't see because there is too much water in your eyes but I was really glad to get out.  This is what running with friends is all about.  On those days when it's all too easy to find a reason not to go out, the thought that others are waiting for you and that you don't want to let them down spurs you on to get your lazy arse up.  Well done team for a great evening out in challenging conditions.

6.7 wet miles

the crew coming back along the ridge to the summit

Hardly any climbing

wet and windy summit

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