Monday, May 25, 2015

Bowfell and Rossett Pike

Rossett Pike summit cairn with the Langdale Pikes in the distance

looking back down The Band
The forecast was for low cloud but I really hoped it might burn off before we got to Bowfell.  We set off from The New Dungeon Ghyll along the road.  After about 3/4 of a mile, I realised that my watch was set to 'swim' so I restarted it.  We went along the track to Stool End Farm and then started the steady climb up The Band.

I had thought about picking up the Climbers' Traverse but in the cloud, I decided to continue to the Three Tarns before turning off towards Bowfell summit.

The Great Slab on Bowfell.  Usually a good spot for a bit
of a play around but not when it's cloudy and wet.
From a cloudy summit, we took a bearing and headed north towards Esk Pike.  I was looking out for Angle Tarn as a drop off point but it wasn't visible until we dropped down a bit further.  

There is a very small tarn/pool on the map where the path bends around and I thought we had identified this on the ground but couldn't be entirely sure.  It turned out I was right and dropping down a bit, Angle Tarn came clearly into view.  

We picked up the track around it to the junction of Rossett Pike/Rossett Gill and then headed up to the summit of Rossett Pike and along to the end of the promontory.

From here, we dropped back down to the Rossett Gill path and enjoyed a leisurely run down and along the track back to the Stickle Barn where we had a cold drink and some chips.

cloudy on Bowfell

coming around Angle Tarn looking over to Hanging Knotts

Dean on Rossett Pike

1:25k map (click for larger image)


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