Sunday, May 10, 2015

Carrock Fell and High Pike

Dean celebrates on High Pike

After a lazy Saturday I was planning to get a decent distance in on Sunday.  Dean was keen to bag some Northern Fells and I planned a route around the back of Skiddaw.

Come Sunday morning and it was wet and windy outside so rather than get blown around the back of Skiddaw, I decided we could do Carrock Fell and High Pike.

We parked just off the road at an area called "Apron Full of Stones" and headed up the obvious track which continues up Further Gill Sike eventually reaching to summit of Carrock Fell.  It was very windy here and there was not a lot to see.  We dropped into the shelter just by the summit and took a compass bearing over to Miton Hill.  The cloud cleared a bit and we were able to see the track over.  From the second cairn, we took another bearing and then picked up the path, following over wet but easy ground until we intersected the Cumbria Way track.  We ran about 50 metres and then picked up the High Pike track.  After a few pictures at the top, we ran off to the north east and picked up the old mine road along Carrock Beck, crossing the beck further down and running a last mile or so down the road.

Easy running today, good company and nice to be out.

the initial climb up to Carrock Fell.  The path winds up past that tree

windy and wet at Carrock Fell summit cairn

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