Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hardly AC - Lords Seat from Whinlatter

on Seat How

Plan for tonight's Hardly AC run was a run from Whinlatter Visitor's Centre around the green walking trail (Seat How), taking in Lord's Seat and Barf.  I thought this would be a good run to do for those just getting to grips with head torch running.  Howard had set off around some of the other fells and had arranged to meet us at the visitor's centre.  He was on 19 miles when we met up with him.

After a short run from Revelin Moss car park, over the road from the visitor's centre, we gathered at the visitor's centre and met Howard.  He quickly filled up on water and caught us up as we set off up the green trail.

The trail starts with a steep climb, evening out after a few minutes and changing to an really nice, fairly gently undulating single track.

The track curves around teasingly looking as though it is heading for a summit before winding away and dropping back down.

We eventually got to Seat How, a summit within the forest.  We regathered here and took a few pictures.  Some keen runners eyed up The Grind, the steep way up and down Grisdale Pike.  There is talk of a future Hardly AC handicap challenge.

We decided at this point not to travel over to Barf.  Howard had already been that way and said it was very muddy.  So, from Seat How we carried on along the track, veering off at the point where we recognised the track up to Lords Seat summit.

We regathered at the summit, didn't hang around too long as it was getting cooler but, head torches were applied, some even turned them on!  They were not really needed at this point but as we ran back down through the forest they were.

green track, nice trail

Seat How summit

Seat How summit (The Grind behind)

Lord's Seat summit - fading light makes photos blurry

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