Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hardly AC Blake Fell

the gang on top of Sharp Knott about to tackle the last climb up to Blake Fell

Our Wednesday evening runs with Hardly AC continue to be a great success.  We had a run around Blake Fell and some great running ground in the West of Cumbria.  We definitely had the sense of racing the sunset tonight so head torches are going to be mandatory for the next run.

Nice to have a few new people turn up.  Hopefully, they enjoyed themselves and found a good balance between a challenge without it being intimidating.

Next week, we're looking at Whinlatter forest with the option of heading on to Lords Seat and some of those fells if the weather and will is good.

just setting off down the Cogra Moss track

first climb up from the tarn to the forest track

Blurry selfies

climbing up to Sharp Knott from the end of the track - Blake's Heaven Fellrace ground

top of Sharp Knott, the group reassemble

looking back on the climb up to Blake Fell

Blake Fell peeping through to Buttermere, Fleetwith Pike visible mid right behind the water.

about 6.5 miles

The run down from Blake Fell was great downhill running.  Two of the party had gone back the other way and we were a little concerned when we got back to the car park and they were not there.  A good chance to try out my head torch and we headed back up the track to see them coming towards us after a few minutes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love my little running group.

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