Friday, September 12, 2014

Gosforth 10k 2014

right near the end, me in the yellow,  I had a bit of a speed spurt and was able to make up a few places

The Gosforth 10k is a local run seen as a fast course with many people heading there looking for a PB.  I've stayed away from road running and particularly trying to go fast for a while now as I've worked out that it aggravates my plantar fasciitis.

Jonathan was heading down to the race and I thought, why not.  We had done the SBU35 on the Saturday and this was the following Tuesday.  Jonathan and I agreed to have an easy run around but once we got going, we felt pretty good.  Our planned 9 minute miles turned into a 7 or so minute mile.  After a few miles, I told Jonathan it was a bit fast for me and dropped back with him surging on and coming in a good two minutes ahead of me.

It was a beautiful night and the course covers some gorgeous ground.  Towards the end, I had a bit of strength left and started to pick people off.  I was pleased not to be overtaken at the end apart from by one person who had a real sprint finish and came in just before me.

Considering the miles in my legs, the finish time of:

was very satisfactory.  Afterwards, we had a pint and hung out for a bit at the pub.  Good times.

Joss Naylor was there for the little award ceremony afterwards.  I didn't harass him.

Hardly AC infiltrating Cumberland AC at the start

photobombing Lucy's picture of her sister Rachel, who got a PB

game face

me and Jonathan sporting his and her inov8 jackets

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