Monday, July 28, 2014

Hardly AC little Coledale Round

"yeah, that nobbly one there and down that steep path"

The Hardly AC run was a good challenge this week.  I don't mind admitting there was a little bit of climbing but nothing that couldn't be broken down into manageable bits.  This was my first run for about a week after having a cold so I was quite happy to take my time.  It was a hot evening but this is a beautiful route, one of my favourites.

7 miles.  A slog up Barrow, nice running over to Stile End, a switchback climb up Outerside then a nice run down to the col path, easy uphil onto Scar Crags then a beautiful ridge top run over to Causey Pike.  A steep descent then half a mile on the track back to the start.

The bracken is high at the moment.  This track was overgrown and a bit sketchy to get along.

Phil at the top of the first climb (Barrow)

Dean and I on Outerside

the climb up to the col between Scar Crags and Sail

Dean 'running' up the same track

looking along from Scar Crags to Causey Pike, a mile of beautiful running terrain

Stephen on the steep technical descent down the nose of Causey Pike

Well done to all.  It's always nice to see new people.  This week we are planning a run around Dent.

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