Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cumbria Way Long Run

heading towards Skiddaw House before turning off on the eastern arm of The Cumbria Way

I've won an entry to The Cumbria Way Ultra, a 73 mile event being held in September.  My mate Paul has entered so we thought we would have a long run checking out part of the course nearest to us.  We parked in Keswick at Spooney Green Lane and headed along The Cumbria Way over the Latrigg path, around to Skiddaw House, where we turned right towards High Pike and Caldbeck.  We went into Caldbeck to top up on water and grab a can of coke then set off back turning around through Fellside and Longlands to Peter House Farm where we took the track back past Dash Falls, back to Skiddaw House and then back down the track to Keswick.

32 miles

As part of my training for the event, I've been trying to get some longer runs in.  Today I wanted to pass the 50k mark, a significant milestone in distance running.  It was also a great opportunity to fine tune gear, nutrition and running strategy.  It went very well, I had no real low points and was able to eat the whole way around.  I've been eating Nakd Bars on my long runs, trying to have one every hour.  We both had a can of coke in Caldbeck and I was pleased to keep that down with no upset.  Later on, as we were climbing to Dash Falls, I supplemented with Jelly Babies which gave me a sugar kick.  I had water with hydration tablets in there.  I set off with two litres, had used a litre at Caldbeck and filled back up to two litres there.  I had plenty of water near the end.  I tried Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets, thinking that these would be nice to suck on, giving me a nice sugar trickle.  I found out that plenty of saliva is necessary to eat these sweets, something you don't have a lot of after 25 miles.  I have also decided I need a new bag as mine rubbed on my back where it was moving around.  I ran in Salomon Speedcross 3 and have decided I need something more trail (rather than fell).  A bit of cushioning and comfort are more important than grip on this route.  Having said that, my feet held up well.  I had a bit of a sore back towards the end (need some more core strength) but seem to have escaped with only a slightly sunburnt neck.  

climbing up from Graingill Beck looking back towards Mosedale

Paul leading on towards Lingy Hut

High Pike summit

Caldbeck Parish Hall will be an aid station 60ish miles in I think

looking over Overwater towards what I think is Binsey on the left

Following the track up from Peter House Farm towards Dash Falls

further up and the scree we ran down in this run is visible

Paul at the top of the same scree before we bombed down it three months ago

Derwent Water was a welcome sight.  At about 30 miles here, some steep downhill to come

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