Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Far Eastern Fell Run

from Wether Hill looking Westwards.  Hallin Fell popping up in the middle in front of Ullswater.  The Blencathra range can be seen on the horizon.

In training for the Cumbria Way, I'm following a plan which basically ups the mileage run, getting ones legs used to running when tired.  It's an enjoyable challenge.  I sat around on Saturday and eventually slogged out 16 road miles in the rain.  On Sunday I had a really nice trail run of about 14 miles.  Monday was a rest day and then I had 12 miles on the plan for today.  The forecast was good and I had the day off from work so I thought I would head over to the far eastern fells.  This is really nice running ground.  The route I took didn't have massive climbs.  The majority of the climbs were runnable but my plan was to have an easy day and get the miles in.

just over 12 miles

I parked at Pooley Bridge and followed the road from the church, crossing over and carrying on until I got onto the open fell.  I took a bit of time to get going, walking up the road but eventually broke into a trot up to The Cockpit, a famous Bronze Age stone circle, which acts as a bit of a junction for the various bridleways that cross these hills.  From here, I picked up the more direct path to Loadpot Hill, the first Wainwright of the day.  Once up here, it is a nice run across to Wether Hill, my furthest point at around six miles in.  Neither of these hills are impressive peaks but there is a trig column on Loadpot Hill and a cairn on Wether Hill and the views from both are impressive.  I turned around at Wether Hill and ran back, skirting around Loadpot Hill this time.  I had intended to visit Bonscale Pike but I was enjoying the track so much that I carried on to Arthur's Pike.  Here I chatted to a couple who were enjoying a can of Fosters before carrying on over Brock Crag and back to the entry road.

Loadpot Hill looking West.  Place Fell is in the centre with Helvellyn directly above.  St Sunday Crag is clear on the left.

from Wether Hill summit cairn looking back on the gentle slope back up to Loadpot Hill

at Brock Crag looking over a calm Ullswater

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