Friday, June 6, 2014

Sty Head and Grains Gill

Paul and Jonathan heading down Grains Gill

After having a great weekend, Jonathan and I have signed up for the Scafell Trail Marathon next weekend.  We thought that we would have a go at recceing the mountain section today after work.  The mountain section is up Scafell Pike via Styhead Pass and the Corridor Route, down over Broad Crag to Esk Hause back to Sty Head and back down the same way.  I had worked the route out to be approximately ten miles.  We met up at about 5.45pm and drove in Jonathan's car to Seathwaite.  Jonathan beat his feet up pretty badly last weekend and, with another long race this weekend, we told him to look after his feet and let us know if they were hurting.  So at Sty Head, they were starting to hurt and we made the easy choice not to carry on up but to loop around past Sprinkling Tarn, going up the way we will come down, and then descend via Grains Gill.

looking back at Styhead Tarn, our route up is on the far side

climbing up to Sprinkling Tarn, looking back at the Gables

Sprinkling Tarn

entering Grains Gill

some nice downhill

route and elevation

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