Monday, June 23, 2014


looking up Jack's Rake sloping to the left.  Now time to run ahead and get in front of this crowd

I was hoping to get up to Pavey Ark then run around over the Langdale Pikes to Rossett Pike and Bowfell, coming down The Band.  It was a day of experimentation.  Jonathan and I were both trying out our Hokas on the fells.  I was also trying out some samples KT Tape had kindly sent me.  I had a go at some Plantar Fasciitis taping.  It was a bit of a mistake to try out two new things at once as I couldn't attribute any benefits to one particular thing.  I also quickly realised that I should have shaved the hair around my ankles where I was going to apply the tape as I had some problems getting it to stick.  I'll write a full review at a later date, it's a work in progress.

Jonathan's Hoka experiment was also a failure with him twisting his ankle coming down Martcrag Moor.  It was bad enough to cut the run short, ending with a walk down Stake Gill and along Mickleden before finally breaking into a jog for the last half mile or so.

We started with a nice steady climb up from the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel to Stickle Tarn and then up Jack's Rake.  We went to the summit of Pavey Ark, then over to Thunacar Knott before heading towards Pike of Stickle (after deciding against Harrison Stickle and Loft Crag.  After Pike of Stickle we set off across Martcrag Moor before I heard a Jonathan profanitively announce the end of the run.

8 miles

looking across Stickle Tarn to Pavey Ark and Jack's Rake which runs from lower right up to the middle top.  Perfect conditions for it today, dry with no wind.  Lots of people going up, we just got up before a large school party.

looking down to Stickle Tarn.  Tarn Crag is the little prominence on the left with its own small tarn.  Lingmoor Fell is central with Wetherlam, part of the Coniston Group, to the right and behind.

although exposed in places, it's a relatively easy climb when dry.  Good handholds and little loose rock.

it was a hot day - on top of Pavey Ark

I look impressed eh?

it was still a little bit squelchy on the way over to Thunacar Knott.  It was the first real try of the Hokas and it was difficult to tell what they were like.  From here there was a very nice run down towards the main path.  Although Jonathan said that he wasn't enjoying the Hoka experience.

Here looking over towards Bowfell to the left of centre.  The Scafells get a bit mixed up with others in front.  Great Gable is distinct on the right with what I think is Allen Crags in front.

As we were planning to put a few more miles in, we didn't bother going to Harrison Stickle or Loft Crag.  This is from Pike of Stickle looking back towards Harrison Stickle on the left and Loft Crag centre right.  To the left of Loft Crag is Thorn Crag.  The lake beyond is Windermere.

now descending into Langdale with Pike of Stickle prominent on the left and our long walk home stretching along the beck.

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