Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rannerdale Knotts

heading up the track that goes to Whiteless Pike

In the double-entry system that is a record of one's fell running, I can take credits for getting out for a run after initially deciding not to bother; for bagging a Wainwright; for getting five miles in on the fells with a 7pm start; for beautiful Buttermere valley scenery with atmospheric clouds; for escaping rain and for exploring a few new tracks.  When compared against changing the route due to impending darkness and cloud, I feel the balance is overwhelmingly positive.

In other words, great to get out for a run this evening.  Some indecision meant that we didn't set off until 7pm and so our original plan of heading up Whiteless Pike, around and down Red Gill on Grasmoor was changed to a shorter run taking in Rannerdale Knotts summit.  We still had a good run though, the track along the ridge of Rannerdale Knotts is a good testing run with a nice technical descent down the steep part.  The Buttermere valley was beautiful tonight.

fading light meant a decision to turn around.  "Hey, how about running along there?" Nice running along to Rannerdale Knotts summit from the turnaround point on Whiteless Breast

Jonathan coming back down the trail.  Whiteless Pike and cloud behind

Rannerdale Knotts summit looking over Buttermere lake towards Haystacks

steep descent

five good miles

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