Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dodd with the Family

Hannah and I atop Dodd, her seventh Wainwright

I tend towards having my holidays at different times to the kids but now and again, they have to intersect.  Hannah is six years old and was keen to get up a mountain.  She's gradually ticking off her Wainwrights with the obvious little ones under her belt.  With the whole family coming, I had to pick somewhere pushchair accessible and the only one I could think of was Dodd.

Hannah has tried going up here before but gave up before the top.  Today we had another family with us which obviously motivated Hannah to complete the job.  They all had their tired moments but I think they were all very happy to get to the top.

initial steep climb

a nice viewpoint around the corner

the gang

lots of good climbing practice

almost there now

we did it!

found a lizard on the way down

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