Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dodd Woods again

view over Derwent Water from near a place called Long Doors

I'm not usually one to spend money to try to get better, faster etc etc but this heel thing has been really getting me down so I made a purchase today.  Following the advice of a work colleague, veteran of several hundred mile runs, a Bob Graham Round and hoping to get into the UTMB, he should know what he is talking about.  And what he was talking about was buying some Hokas.  So that is what I did.

In an age of minimal footwear, Hokas stand out loud and proud boasting a cushion of 26mm under the forefoot and 32mm under the heel.  This compares with Salomon Speedcross three, a shoe that is liked for the cushioning, at 9mm forefoot and 20mm heel.

The feel is definitely springy.  There seemed to be more bounce back on the harder tracks and roads than on the softer trail.  We had a run around Dodd Wood and they seemed really good.  I did the same two mile descent I did yesterday, this time without stopping and without heel pain.  I had a few other aches and pains, which I put down to being tired from yesterday and getting used to a different running position.  Overall, my experience on one run was good.  My heel is not sore and I'm hoping to get up in the morning without pain.

5 and a bit miles - still more exploring to do here

running up to Long Doors with Bassenthwaite Lake behind

view over Derwent Water and Coledale fells

much better man-leg than me

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