Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dodd and some trails around it

from Dodd summit over towards Derwent Water

I'm too impatient to rest my sore heel for too long.  I planned an easy trail run, around the woods by Dodd.  Soon enough I found myself heading up towards Longside Edge before taking a rather steep path off the side down a gulley.  Nice to get out but I might have an achy foot tomorrow.

OS 1:25 map - click to see larger image for the detail

3d map at 1:50 scale

Most of the running was on forest tracks.  That was the way I had planned it because it was a rotten rainy day and I thought these tracks would allow me to do some hill runs while also providing some shelter.

I got out on the open fells a little bit when I took the track in the picture to the left which leads up to Longside Edge.

I hadn't really planned to go this way but decided to carry on and was all set to run along and drop down by Carlside until I spotted a track going down alongside Sandbeds Gill.  This looked like a very interesting track, dropping off the edge.  At the top is was rough scree but quickly turned into soggy grass shelves which were not too much fun to get down.  Further down it was back to the scree and was a pleasant run down to the fence.  A quick trawl though bracken and I was back on the forest track.

A month or so ago, we did a loop up from Bakestall to the top of Skiddaw and down Longside Edge.  There is a ridge in between these two routes.  From Skiddaw summit it goes down Randell Crag, Buzzard Knott and Great Knott.  There is also a track from Carlside.  I think this picture shows Buzzard Knott and then along to Great Knott on the right.  Some exploring to do there...

heading up to Ullock Pike

the track I took off Longside Edge

yep, it was as steep as it looks - this and the next photo perhaps show the difference between fell and trail running

back on the trail

pretty sure that is Dodd up there between the trees

I was a little low on energy by the time I got to the turn off for Dodd.  It's not far along the track though and I thought it would be worth it for the view alone.

The track climbs initially to a beauty of a viewpoint.  From here it levels off or dips slightly before it turns and winds up towards Dodd summit.

There was a group at the top that I didn't want to get caught up in so I took a few pictures and then retracted my tracks down.

There is a subsidiary viewpoint to the south which has a really clear track to it.  This made me think that there might be an onwards track from it but experience has made me wary of trying to bushwack through pine forests so I headed back on the main path.

I then followed the main path down and around, going downhill for two and a half miles.  It was a steady descent but my heel was hurting.  At the teahouse, I took a wrong turn and followed the track through the Calvert Trust (the one with lots of no-entry signs).  When I got to the clearing where I expected my car to be, I realised my error and headed off along the road.  It was maybe a mile and a half or so back.  Nice to get some distance in I suppose.  There is a track through Mirehouse that I will have to explore another day.

the viewpoint on the way to Dodd summit

fungus among us
Dodd summit with the subsidiary view point below


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