Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sale Fell - Recovery Run

This week I have been ill.  It started on Sunday.  To be honest, I was feeling a bit croaky last week but by Sunday I had proper man flu and had to go to bed.  I had Monday and Tuesday off and then today was well enough to return to work.  My decision to return to work was partially influenced by a consideration of the environment in which I might experience the most peace.


 As I had returned to work, I decided that I really did want to play out.  So, after a quick change at home, I set off for a nice easy evening run to one of my favourite haunts - the magical Sale Fell.

I parked at the usual spot, just past the church and set off on a gentle run.  I was still a bit cardio-vascularically challenged and so the plan was to take it really easy.  Not many hills were run up and there were a lot of stops for photos (more than usual).

cut through into the woods
forest track

another excuse to stop
Skiddaw and Dodd across Bassenthwaite
cows, trees and sheep

another stop!
the heather is high and the foxgloves are tall.  Not pleasant to run anywhere but on the paths at the moment but the paths are very pleasant indeed!

especially ones like these - Wheeeee!!

yep, slow
I'm back!

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