Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dove Crag & Priest's Hole Cave

I'm mobile blogging because my computer is on the fritz. I'll keep this short because it's not that easy. We set off for an easy walk, bagging a few Wainwrights and practicing navigation. After a quick stop in Glenridding for maps and drinks, we parked at Brothers Water and set off up High Hartsop Dodd.

Once up on High Hartsop Dodd, most of the climbing was done. Great views opened up over Brothers Water and beyond. We met another bagger here. He only had three Wainwrights to get.

Top of Little Hart Crag, not much further along but another Wainwright.

Climbing up to the wall that runs up to Dove Crag, views to the south over Windermere

This is a boundary feature. On a map it looks the same as a fence or a wall. The fence line can be followed as a handrail.

Heading up to Dove Crag

Dove Crag summit

Then we decided to look for Priest's Hole cave. This is a well known cave on a crag of Dove Crag. I'm not sure what the history is, I don't think it is known in detail. The climb up looked quite scary but it was not too bad at all.

You soon pick up a path and before long, you are at the cave.

The cave is well kept, there were candles, emergency blankets and gas canisters (although I'm not sure if there was any gas in them). There was even a brush and shovel to clean up after yourself. The cave is a popular wild camp place.

Lovely walk, and we didn't get lost.

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  1. well done,looks a hard walk,wish i was 40 years younger.Panora "D"