Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wray Castle

Following a fun morning at Allen Bank, we popped into the National Trust shop in Grasmere and had a real life chat with twitter buddy @cragchris.  It was lovely to meet with Christine who is something of an oracle of  Lake District events and attractions.  She was excited that we had such a great time at Allen Bank and she suggested we also check out Wray Castle.  So, after a quick lunch stop in Grasmere village, off we went.

Wray Castle is another National Trust property that has not been wrapped in cotton wool and roped off.  It's very child friendly and interactive.  It does have an interesting history which is detailed here.  This blog post is all about the fun you can have there.

like building a castle

making a coat of arms
exploring and dancing 
looking in empty cupboards
princess chairs
building more castles
making a princess crown
dressing up as a princess
Knights in shining armour and kings also available...

making shiny fish

Then back down stairs for some much needed castle repairs with new friend Charlie.

a story about a fish 
time to make another fish
then back to being a princess

We didn't spend that much time outside, partly because the weather wasn't great, partly because there was lots to do inside and partly because we were both quite worn out by this stage.  There is a lot more to do outside and Wray Castle is on edge of Windermere Lake so you can combine a visit with a boat ride or other activity.

looks like the real deal eh?
great views from the front of the castle - this is the Langdale Pikes
 Of course, Hannah snored all the way home and then had lots of energy when she got out of the car.


  1. nice blogg Paul,enjoyed reading it.Panorad.

  2. Wow, loving these child-friendly guides Paul! I don't know if a week is going to be long enough for our trip back home now! And what a beauty Hannah is.

    1. Thank you Lisa, my life at the moment is divided between awesome feats of athleticism and being a big kid (maybe it's not that much of a divide).