Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cloudy Clough Head and Great Dodd

I had grand plans for an epic run today along the ridge from Clough Head to Helvellyn, maybe even Catstye Cam, and back.  However, on reaching the summit of Clough Head deep in a full cloud cover, and experiencing the same on Great Dodd, I decided to change my route and come back another time when visibility is better.

Heading up the old coach road towards the old quarry.  I stopped to take a picture of a cow, mainly because I was overtaking some mountainbikers (I was walking here).
up through the old quarry
looking west from the climb up Clough Head, High Rigg is front left

Hiigh Rigg across St John's in the Vale
Clough Head summit (and cloud)

map in my hand (good) and sunglasses (errr....)
that way
I scared quiet a lot of sheep who didn't see me coming through the cloud

top of Great Dodd.  Decision made here not to do any more sight seeing and head down to a lower route
big old peat hag on the way down
I met somebody here who had got lost in the cloud.  I pointed him in the right direction and he headed off to go up Clough Head.  I would have felt better if he had a map with him though.
looks like Great Mell Fell on the right.  The old coach road is just visible going left to right across the middle

further along now, looking back towards White Pike
heading back towards St John's in the Vale
still cloudy on the tops

bottom half of Blencathra

the lower down views are much better

back at the quarry, great location for a bmx track

from the car looking up towards the clouds and fells

15k run (yes, I've converted to Ks - about 9.5 miles)

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