Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sizergh Castle and a Treasure Hunt

A National Trust membership is a useful thing to have in the Lake District.  Until recently, I mainly used my membership to park for free in National Trust car parks, many of which are well placed for walks, runs, bike rides etc and will cost about £7 for the full day so your membership soon pays for itself.

It's not all about car parks though.  The National Trust owns land and properties (including a pub) all around the Lake District.  They seem to be having a bit of an image change, moving away from the Sunday supplement crowd and attracting more families and young people.  If you have a toddler, you can't beat going to a castle, even if you have to make up lots of stories about princesses!

Sizergh Castle is near Kendal, about an hour away from home.  We decided on a drive through to check out the castle and the scarecrow thing they had on.

Hannah still learning to smile for pictures

kids love to be in charge of the map

bird watching

bring on the scare crows
spot the humans
not quite sure!

Hannah's favourite

"that one looks like grandad!"


We had a tour around the castle and Hannah enjoyed a kids game, looking in each room for items of furniture or ornaments and ticking them off (no pictures allowed in the castle though).  After having lunch in the cafe, a quick check of on my iphone informed us that there was treasure nearby.  Let's go!
"follow me!"

I got a flower for Father's Day

The App is easy to use

almost there

Tree roots are popular hiding places

Got It! This one was in need of a good clean out, rain had got into the boxes.
Hannah didn't really care, it was the following of the map
and finding the treasure that she enjoyed.

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