Sunday, May 27, 2012

Skiddaw - Fast

Jonathan's cousin, Gerard, is in training for a Bob Graham Round.  Jonathan said that we were going to meet at Seatoller to run up Scafell, or Scafell Pike, he wasn't quite sure, he thought it was the higher one, which he thought was Scafell.

Turns out we were meeting Gerard at Seathwaite, where he was camping, and then driving to the other side of Keswick to support him running up Skiddaw.  We parked on Brundholme Road and headed up Spoonygreen Lane.  Gerard ran back into Keswick to start from the Moot Hall because he wanted to, "do it properly".

Heading up, views of Derwent Water and beyond opening up.  I think I got to about the top of Jenkin Hill before Gerard caught up.  I was able to keep up with him to the top although it's worth pointing out that part of the reason of us being there was to make sure he paced himself.  He was planning on running approximately 40 more miles that us.

Gerard running over the top of Skiddaw

Once at the top, he thanked me for helping and then ran off into the distance.

looking over Longside Edge towards Whinlatter Forest and western fells

Jonathan makes it to the top

I tried to climb on top of this trig point but was blown off by the really strong wind on the top.

me, falling off the top of Skiddaw

very windy

looking back down the summit path with little man

it's 8am

Enough getting blown around on top, now time for a quick run down.

down at the gate

Always a bind running down a big hill, wanting to keep going but the scenery is so beautiful so end up stopping for photos.  I tried something a bit new but not sure if I can say that this particular scenery was beautiful...

running while taking photos


Back down and safely in Costa for 9am.  Jonathan had further support duties to perform so he went and got a paper to read.  I was off to fix the fells.  I phoned him when I had finished my day and he had just been up to Grisedale Tarn to meet Gerard, he didn't seem too happy about this and was guzzling red berry coolers from Costa.

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