Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New running partner

Hannah is getting pretty fast on her bike.  Today we put her to the test by heading to the cycle track and pointing her towards Asda.  I ran alongside.  She kept up a pretty good pace, stopping only for a pretend drink and to get her knickers out of her bum.

The cycle track runs along an old railway line so is fairly level and straight.  There is no traffic apart from dog walkers and other cyclists.

Today we managed the whole journey without falling off which hasn't always been the case.

Three miles, which was a nice run for me.  As an additional bonus, when we got to Asda, Fiona had already done the shopping.  Here are the stats:


  1. Nice! What did you use to show on the map? I tried to do something similar with googlemaps but couldn't get the line drawn...

    1. Hi Lisa, Runkeeper - you can also use Apps like daily mile, endomondo or map my ride. I think you can also enter manually on map my ride.

  2. Great, will check this out now. Thanks!