Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hannah's fifth Wainwright - Walla Crag

Hannah bought some new boots while we were on holiday in Wales so it was pretty easy to persuade her to go up a mountain.  She has already done four and this will be number five, the popular Walla Crag.  I had been on my bronze NNAS navigation training the day before and so this was an ideal opportunity to practice my map reading skills.

climbing up Cat Gill and my favourite view in the Lakes opens up - a bit hazy today though

quite steep

at the top now

great family walk

looks like somebody beat us to the top

number five

running down

Hannah showing off her 'special stone' gawd knows where this is from, probably Wales

kissing gate


What a lovely walk.  Hannah did really well, We probably did about five miles altogether and this is the first Wainwright she has done without being carried for any of it.  My map reading went really well although I did lose track of our position when we went back into Great Wood.

We had some lunch at the Lakeland Peddlar and then went to check out the festival village at Keswick Mountain Festival.


  1. Wicked Paul! Well done Hannah!! Loving her style.

  2. well done Hannah you must take after your Grandad Arts.