Monday, September 21, 2015


Binsey summit

Fiona makes a rare appearance
Binsey was a good option for an easy recovery run after the Cumbria Way Ultra relay a few days before.  As my mum and dad were staying, my wife and I had a rare opportunity to go for a run.  

The main challenge on the Binsey circuit is the first climb from the road, straight up the eastern side of the fell.  It's definitely runnable.  Today I zig-zagged across the path and dropped back a few times to meet up with Fiona again (yeah, she's a bit slow).  

Once at the top, I was able to tell her about the relative absence of further climbing.  We continued on my usual route, over the farm land of Whittas Park (no right of way but never had problems there) to pick up the footpath over to High Ireby and then back on the roads with a bit of a sting in the tail hill at the end.  

All around 5.5 miles and a lovely evening out.

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