Thursday, February 5, 2015

Around Whinlatter Forest

last climb of the mighty Grisdedale Pike

Day off today, glorious sunshine and snow.

I parked at Braithwaite and ran up the Whinlatter road to the turn off over Kinn and Sleet How before starting the steeper climb to the top of Grisedale Pike.  It was only at this point that I decided to go the way I went.  I was considering going around the Coledale Horseshoe.  From Gridedale Pike, where I stopped to talk to a bloke about the women we saw descending from the snowy top with what looked like ugg boots and handbags slung over their shoulders, I carried on to Hopegill Head.  It's usually a bit tricky coming down off Hopegill Head the way I went but today the snow made it a bit easier.  I then enjoyed a nice long easy run off Ladyside Pike down to the pass before enduring the tortuous climb up to Graystones.  Once up, the run across the top to Broom Fell and on to Lords Seat was taken easily before dropping off Lords Seat into Whinlatter Forest following some nice snowy paths down the side of Comb Beck to Thornthwaite and then enjoying an easy run along the road to my car at Braithwaite.  Just short of 14 miles.

heading over Sleet How with Causey Pike visible two valleys over

looking back down the valley, Blencathra in the distance on the left with Helvellyn range at the centre back

up to Grisedale Pike

almost went over this way to Crag Hill and back along the other side

deeper snow on Ladyside Pike made progress slow

looking back up to Hopegill Head

plenty of rest stops on the climb up to Graystones, looking back down the climb here and over to the snowy fells I have just been playing on.

Broom Fell

Lords Seat

heading into the forest from Lords Seat

into the forest

well almost around Whinlatter Forest, just a cut throught at the end.


  1. Fabulous report and pictures, you all must be very fit?

  2. Thank you Ian, could always be fitter!

  3. cant wait to read about your next adventure,but! it keeps reminding me what I am missing living here in Somerset. Keep on running [with the photos of course!]