Saturday, February 21, 2015

Anniversary Waltz route

looking down Newlands Beck and to the ascent up to High Spy

Another early starting Saturday for a run around the Anniversary Waltz Fell Race route with Howard, Paul and Dean.  Conditions were as good as we could have hoped for, it stayed dry all around, there was little wind, it was just a pity the cloud was down over Robinson to Dale Head preventing up from seeing the beautiful views of Newlands Valley and other places.

We took a bit of a wrong turn near the start, carring on to Goldscope Lead Mine instead of turning off to run past the church.  On realising, we turned around and followed the track around scope end to cross Scope Beck and then pick up the route just before the climb up to Robinson from near the reservoir.  As I said above, the cloud was down from the top of Robinson, we dropped out of the cloud in the dip between Robinson and Hindscarth but then got back into it at Hindscarth.  There was a thin snow layer which made the descent to Dalehead Tarn difficult.  The climb up to High Spy seemed easier than I remembered and then the run down over Maiden Moor and Cat Bells, passing lots of people out for a weekend stroll.  With the wrong turn (and perhaps a few laps of the car) the run was bang on half marathon distance.  Back in time for a big lunch.

first steep climb up to Robinson

the team

Dean on Robinson

briefly out of the cloud before climbing back up to Hindscarth

L=R, Howard, me, Paul, Dean

summits of Hindscarth and Dale Head

on the descent from Dale Head, the view opened up over to High Spy

descending to Dale Head Tarn

Howard looking up towards High Spy

High Spy

Maiden Moor

Dean and Howard having a moment

Cat Bells, last summit

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