Friday, February 28, 2014

Dodd with hill repeats


We took an opportunistic half day today.  The weather was really fine, one of those cool frosty clear days.

We parked next to the visitors centre at Dodd Wood and spent the first twenty or so minutes doing hill repeats - run uphill for one minute, jog back down, turn around and repeat.  This is a really good session to do with someone who is a bit fitter than you (like Jonathan) because you run for a minute regardless of the distance.

We set off to do ten reps but I managed an extra one (probably because Jonathan was going higher up the hill and so took longer to get back down.

I put a small branch at the minute mark on the path and was pleased to see that I got to or just past the branch on each rep.

After this, we debated going for a coffee but decided to continue up the hill towards Dodd.  We set off with a two minute uphill run and then walked for a bit with one minute runs put in when we felt able to.

Once we got to the turn off towards Dodd summit, and after stopping for photos at the viewpoint, we ran the rest of the way apart from the very last steep part.

After a few pics at the top, we set off on the downhill back to the car.  We took it nice and easy going down, stopping again for more pics part way down.

I really enjoyed this run, it was nice to set a bit of a goal and stick to the plan.  If we hadn't have tackled the hill like this, I would have run for the first three minutes or so and then walked the rest of the way.

towards Derwentwater, Borrowdale and Coledale

Hevellyn range looking inviting

Coledale Fells

flooded Bassenthwaite flats

love this elevation profile - nice even hill repeats at the start - then one big one

6.5 miles

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