Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lonscale Fell - Feb 2014

Looking back down over Latrigg from the diversion from the main Skiddaw Path

Going out on your own has the advantage of going at your own pace.  That's exactly what I needed today.  I've been enduring chronic plantar fasciitis and still need to take it easy.  The forecast was terrible, really terrible, snow, hail, high winds and lightening.  There wasn't any lightening.  I had the right gear, kept warm and it was ok.  But it was wild!

from Keswick town centre, I headed up the Latrigg path then up the main Skiddaw path before bearing off to the col between Jenkin Hill and Lonscale Fell.  I then followed the fence north over Burnt Horse to pick up the Cumbria Way path and back down the same Latrigg path.

I chose today's route knowing that it was likely to be a low visibility day.  Familiar paths and easy handrailing along a fence ensured that I could navigate whatever the conditions.  As I set off though, things were not too bad.

it's a shame all these trees have been felled along the Latrigg path.  Looks a real mess at the moment.

from the Hawell Memorial looking up the main path and the col between Jenkin Hill and Lonscale Fell.

As I started to climb the Latrigg Path, I knew this wouldn't be a fast day.  There is a pride in getting to the carpark without stopping running but it wasn't to be today.

I met a group of runners, Borrowdale Ladies apparently, although I was certain they had a man with them.  I tucked in behind them but was quite happy when the went off to the right through the woods.

I carried on slowly, passing recently felled trees to the left of the main path.  This is a real shame because they used to hug the path, dropping pine leaves, making the path lovely and tucked away with a spring from the pine leaves.

I headed up the main Skiddaw path and the branch off towards the col was a welcome break from constant climbing and winding.  Here I started to slip around so it was time for the microspikes.

I ran along the path but when I got to the col, the wind really came over.  I was unable to run up the gentl(ish) slope to the fence corner on Lonscale Fell as I was using up all my energy not being blown over.

Just before crossing the fence, I sheltered behind a wall to check the map and confirm that the wall I was behind was my handrail off the fell and down towards the Cumbria Way.

I carried on to the top and, with some difficulty, took a quick picture of the cairn, then I turned around and headed back to the fence corner and then down along the wall descending quickly.

The snow was coming in really heavily now and I was looking forward to meeting the clear track of the Cumbria Way.

at the top - snow and hail - snail?

heading down the wall

quick look back at the pike (I think)

Burnt Horse ahead

bit of a ridge but a good path along Burnt Horse

down on the Cumbria Way track.  Really heavy hail in exactly the wrong direction made it impossible to run as I couldn't look up.

around the corner, it got a bit better and I had a nice easy run back around to join the same path I came up

3d map shows the ridge I ran down and the pike of Lonscale Pike

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