Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fixing Rosthwaite in the Sun

Quick sheepdog demonstration at the start
After a full day of fell running doing the Four Lakeland Passes route on Saturday, I found some balance with a gentle stroll around Rosthwaite with a spade. A healthy turn out of seven volunteers at Bowe Barn debated over route choice until, eventually, a decision was made.
We headed along the river, following the Cumbrian Way, linking up with the Allerdale Ramble and skirting around Castle Crag, returning along the river. There were a few drains that needed a good dig out. It's always satisfying to see water flowing through a drain and the drain doing its job, diverting the water off the path, preventing erosion.
The weather was cool and clear to start, warming significantly as the sun rose throughout the day. Ian made a correct clothing prediction with his polo shirt. I had two layers plus full waterproofs in my (heavy) bag.
We found a nice sunny spot by the river for lunch:
Ultimately, many hands made for an easy day and it was the perfect way to recover from my exertions on the Saturday. And some fells got fixed.
Circling Castle Crag

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