Friday, October 5, 2012


from the start looking over the Newlands Valley

back over Braithwaite from the initial climb
Barrow is the expanse of fell, very triangular in shape, with the big scree section, that is directly in front of you if you head out of Keswick on the A66 going West.  

It can be taken in as part of an extended Newlands Horseshoe but more often will be the end of a Coledale Horseshoe.

I drive past Barrow a lot and had always thought that it looked perfect for an after work run.

We had previously had a play on the scree slopes but I had yet to bag the peak so that was the mission today.  It had rained heavily during the day but cleared up nicely later in the afternoon.  I had a suspicion that we might be out after daylight and so advised Jonathan to bring his head torch.

heading up to Barrow Door, with the distinct shape of Causey Pike behind.  The path we took across the side of Stile End can be seen here sloping gradually up from right to left.

Grisedale Pike across Coledale
We parked on the road at Uzzicar, just before the big scree section and headed up the path back towards Braithwaite.

The path was pretty muddy.  As we got around the corner and to the part where the path splits, it was clear that the tall, wet heather was going to make running off the paths unpleasant.

We headed directly up the path for a short time before cutting across a gap in the heather towards a clear path that took us to the top of Barrow Gill.

As we headed up to the ridge path of Stile End, the chiselled edge of Grisedale Pike came into view.  In the other direction, towards Barrow Door, the col that we were heading to, Causey Pike dominated the scene.

looking back down the path on Stile End, Skiddaw across Bassenthwaite.  The slopes of Barrow on the right

close to Barrow Door and paths in all directions - Jonathan thinks it's that way

getting darker.  Left to right, Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Sail and Eel Crag.  Outerside is the bump in the middle right

further around, the skyline continues onto Grisdale Pike

The run from Barrow Door up to Barrow was really good.  The gradient was pretty mellow and the path was clear and fairly firm.  

There is a lot of rock in this section, meaning that in places, there are big steps to take in your stride.  

There are also multiple paths so quick decision making is required.

It was starting to get a bit darker now.  Just dark enough to make pictures come out all blurry like the one on the right.

here I am on the summit of Barrow

Summit Dork

and another

looking over Bassenthwaite from the peak

We tried to capture the beauty of the view from the top of Barrow at dusk (and failed).

Then we headed down the long sloping front of Barrow back towards Braitwaite.

It was getting quite dark now.  There are a lot of rocks just on the surface of the path, sticking out enough to be slippy but not enough so that you can see that they are a rock as opposed to a grassy bit.

So we put the head torches on and continued down.

quick thumbs up while trying to look natural

It took us about an hour to run the route, just under four miles.  This means that it's a good option for a quick run on the way home.  I will try to remember to pack my running gear and head torch.

3d photo map route

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