Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 2015 Catch Up

I've got a bit behind with blogging.  I will use this post to combine some runs from December and hopefully get me up to date.

13th December:
Interesting run this morning. I was planning to go over Burnbank, Blake, Gavel then across to Hen Comb and back along the low path at Loweswater. I noticed these dogs hanging out with me at the top of Gavel fell. By the time I got to the bottom and was about to join the track onto Hen Comb, I realised that they were not going to get back on their own so I turned around and went back up Gavel fell. I met some walkers on the top who said that there was a woman shouting for them. I ran a bit further over to the col between Blake Fell and Gavel Fell where the dogs finally heard the shouting and headed back. Lovely dogs, I think they were pretty worried because they were staying very close to me, almost tripping me over at times. I took the track down Highnook Beck to the coffin trail and back to the start. About 9 miles I think.

from Burbank looking up to Blake

my buddies

16th December:

A run up Walla Crag with Hardly AC.  The snow was falling...

rest of the gang on top

23rd December:

A Wednesday night run up Burnbank and Blake Fell, back along the coffin trail.

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