Sunday, October 25, 2015

Barf and Lords Seat

from Barf summit looking over towards the Skiddaw fells

Some strange goings on today.  I parked at Powter Howe and followed the track straight up the beck below The Bishop.  As I approached the top of Barf I saw a couple of people in big ponchos and wellies.  The woman had a selfie stick and was busy filming herself descending from the top.  It takes all sorts eh?  I said "hello" and carried on.  Up on top, I stopped to chill for a bit.  I could smell smoke and wondered if there was a big fire on one of the farm fields way below.  Then I looked just past the summit and saw one of those disposable barbecue trays, still smoking.  I assumed that it was the people I had just seen that left it.  Nice eh?

I ran over to Lords Seat and then took the usual track down, turning off to pick up the Barf descent track.  I ran past the same people on the way back around.  I gave them a stern look.  That should teach them!

smouldering coals on the grass

strange people

up at Lord's Seat

nice view of Barf on the way back down

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