Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hardly AC, Blake Fell and others

looking out from Carling Knott over to Whiteside and Grasmoor

at the top of the first climb challenge
This was a nice run on one of the first clear and hot evenings for a while.  We set off from the Felldyke car park and ran along the side of Cogra Moss taking the climb from the end of Cogra Moss up to the main forest track.  I like to challenge myself to run all the way up this section.  I just managed it today.  From here, rather than go left taking the track around to climb up Blake Fell, we continued straight ahead climbing alongside the fence up to High Penn and then on to Blake Fell.  This way was a pretty relentless climb and is the usual way I would come down from Blake Fell.

From the top of Blake Fell, Howard convinced us that there was Hardly Any Climbing over to Carling Knott (this was not true).  We worked our way back towards the fence corner summit of Burnbank Farm then, knowing the reputation of the farmer and not being clear about where the public access boundary was, we opted to miss out Owsen Fell and head down to pick up the zig-zag track through the forest back to the start.  Ironically, we crossed private land on the way back but it was a well cut track with little footbridges over the gulleys (probably for fishing access).

A good run out, about 7.5 miles.

steep climb up, looking back to Knock Murton

Low Pen

Blake Fell.  What is Howard leaning on?

I think this is looking back from the run back from Carling Knott

this looks like Carling Knott

one of the many 'piles of stones' in the area this one on Carling Knott

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