Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blake Fell and Gavel Fell

from the top of Blake Fell looking over to Ennerdale valley centre right (Pillar Rock can be seen jutting out) and Grasmoor group of fells.  Beautiful evening.

Less than a week to go to the Hoka Highland Fling and Jonathan and I had promised ourselves not to run too much.  This happened to coincide with the finest weather we've had all year.  So we had a little run out.  After some difficulties finding Cogra Moss (I think Jonathan was on autopilot as we ended up at the start of the Blake's Heaven race in Lamplugh) we set off at an easy pace along the track and through the forest.  We continued around turning north and then looping back as we joined the Blake's Heaven route climbing up alongside Sharp Knott and on to Blake Fell.  It was a little bit windy higher up but we really couldn't complain.  From Blake Fell, we followed the fence over to Gavel Fell.  There is a nice downhill section, crossing a small beck and then climbing back up to Gavel Fell.  We climbed on the east of the fence, we should have climbed on the West.  I thought I saw a track up through the heather but it was wet and scrubby.  There's a nice track on the west of the fence.  Carrying on over by the fence, I told Jonathan there was a nice surprise for him.  As we descended down to the beck, he recognised the track we had climbed up two weeks earlier.  We had both remarked at how nice it would be to run down the track rather than climb up it.  Well here we were at the top.  We enjoyed the mile of downhill and then we were on roads for the last mile, taking it easy again.

Gavel Fell looking in the same direction

Jonathan speeding up a bit on the long descent with a scary big horny cow watching him

dropping down to Ennerdale

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