Friday, January 11, 2013

Fixing Place Fell

Following my athletic endeavours this week, it was nice to have a bit of an easier day on a drain run in the Ullswater area.  As has been the case for most of this week, there was a lot of cloud in the valleys but higher up things cleared up making for some stunning views.  This was an ample excuse to stop and take pictures.

Now, I don't want to give the impression that Fixing the Fells is easy work but today, possibly due to the absence of chief stone movers Martin and Ian, it was a moderate effort.  After collecting tools from the Fix the Fells shed, we set off from Glenridding up the main path to the summit.  An added bonus was that I got to bag another Wainwright.

Most of the path was in pretty good shape, although there were a few sections of machined path that had been washed out and will need some work doing to repair them.  This is beyond the scope of a drain run and so photos were taken and the matter will be reported and hopefully scheduled for repair.

After lunch at Round How, we continued the few hundred metres to the summit and then took a steep descending path down the front of the fell.  All in all, we covered about six miles.  A lovely day.  Nice to catch up with regulars and meet some people I have not met before.  Not much more to say, but there are some lovely pictures.

setting off cold.  It soon warmed up

back across the lake

Glenridding Dodd across Ullswater

this is a typical drain before being cleared.  Stone and silt has come down the path and is now
almost level with the row of stones.  The issue is that water will flow over the stones and down
the path, causing further erosion, rather than off to the side where it will either soak into the fell
or join a stream and take another course down the hill.

here the stone has been cleared and the water will now flow down the channel.  Until the drain gets blocked again.

David makes a quick phone call, "HELLO! I'M HALF-WAY UP PLACE FELL!"

Brothers Water comes into view below the cloud
not great views at the top of Place Fell but another Wainwright bagged.

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