Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The remnants of Manflu, my knee misery and post christmas lethargy conspired to weaken my resolve today, meaning that I only managed to get up a little fell.  Binsey it is then.

looking south from the trig point Skiddaw group on the left

route taken

Going up Binsey was a whim.  We were on the way back from Keswick.  The maps I had didn't go as far north as Binsey, it was even out of the range of the trusty Harvey 1:40.  It was just there, sticking up on the other side of Bassenthwiate and we thought, why not...

I wasn't even sure where to park.  We thought we would just drive as near as we could get and set off from there.  That's what we did, heading towards higher ground until we were at the highest point.

We parked off the A591, down a little lane which was signposted Topenhow (pronounced Trepp-enna).  There was a clear track heading up onto Whittas Park.  It looked like there was a trig point on the horizon but when we got closer it turned out to be a chimney.  It didn't stop Jonathan from climbing on top for a pose though:

the chiney with hearth

I'm not sure what the building is, or was.  It has been built into the side of rock.  There are old quarries in the area so it might be something to do with that.  It would be a great place for a wildcamp, get a fire going in the hearth, lots of shelter available.

From here, the path was wide and grassy and pleasant enough until we got to the top.  The view over Bassenthwaite towards Whinlatter Forest, the Coledale Fells and Keswick was very enjoyable.  This would make good running terrain if it wasn't for my dicky knee.

top of Binsey

looking over Over Water and the Back o' Skiddaw fells
across Bassenthwaite to Whinlatter and Newlands

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