Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Geocaching

On Saturday we decided on a walk from Buttermere, round to the other side of Crummock Water to check out Scale Force.  A quick check of the App on my iphone revealed that there was a geocache called Higalty Piggalty Tree on the way.

The Water in Buttermere Dubs, the stream joining Buttermere and Crummock Water, was amazingly clear.  We sat here for a while watching fish swim up the river.

But Hannah was on a bit of a mission so we carried on around the lake.  We got to about 500m from the waterfall when Hannah decided she had no energy left.  There was no persuading her so settled for a compromise of finding the 'treasure'.

A tell tale pile of stones at the base of a tree that could fairly be described as 'Higalty Pigalty' gave the game away.  I suggested that Hannah look behind the stones and sure enough...

TREASURE!  Who would have thought that a four year old would be so happy with a marble?

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