Sunday, December 21, 2014

Coledale Valleys

on Crag Hill - bit blowy

The plan today was a run along the valley track to Force Crag mine, over to Grasmoor and down Red Gill scree then around to the Rannerdale Valley to pick up the Sail Beck Path.  It was a bit too windy to head up onto Grasmoor so we improvised.

running towards Force Crag mine
not looking too promising up ahead
We started from Braithwaite, ran a little way up the road before peeling off on the track that takes you around to the main track to Force Crag mine.  I had planned this as an easy, flattish, start to the run but we had a strong wind in our faces all the way along.

The water in Coledale Beck was running over the stepping stones so we all got a bit wet crossing over, some didn't attempt to stay dry.

As we climbed up the winding path to Coledale Hause, the wind got stronger.  We were nearing our decision point.  I was keen to carry on up to Wandope and Grasmoor but we eventually decided to turn towards Crag Hill.  As we were blown up the hill to the top, I was persuaded that this was a correct decision.

having fun yet guys?

At a very blustery Crag Hill summit, we stopped for a quick picture before carrying on down, dropping down the rocky steps, going around the peak of Sail and deciding to head off to the right rather than the left, down a scree chute to pick up the Sail Beck path.  I was taking the lead and took the higher path which gave us a good view over Sail Beck and the path we should have been on!  We dropped down, each choosing our own way, to the proper path and enjoyed the nice trail back to the road.

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coming down the scree chute

clagg clearing slightly, giving us a view of the path we should be on below

Dean and I decided to have a go on the scree on the side of Barrow.  I gave Jonathan my phone to video us coming down but there was a user error and we got a video of about a second in length.

The scree was a bit harder than usual, probably as a result of it having rained quite a bit lately.

Back on the road, we took the track which climbs up above the woods and leads around and back into Braithwaite.

Overall distance of ten miles was pretty good on a rotten day weather wise.

back at Braithwaite

0:25 map

0:50 3d map

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