Friday, March 14, 2014

Barf and Lords Seat evening run

no time to play around climbing on the bishop - it's going to be dark in 10 mins

After work fell running always feels good.  The nights are getting lighter and it's properly dark by about 6.30pm at the moment.  The plan was to climb up Barf past the bishop while it was still light and then have some safe running across the grassy tops and Whinlatter woodland.

looking over to Skiddaw and Dodd

come on mate

Slape Crag
The bishop is actually quite low down on the scree slope up to Barf summit.  There are a few different tracks to take if you travel on upwards, we took a different track today than last time.

Eventually, you get to the bottom of Slape Crag.  This impressive flat iron type rock can be seen prominently from the A66 and looks as though you would need climbing gear to get up it.  In fact, there is a shelf that crosses diagonally from right to left which is much more of scramble than a climb.

Once up this part, the track is fairly well defined up to the edge of the gorse and onto the flat grassy top parts of the fell.

It was getting very dusky at this point.  We took a few photos on the top of Barf and then headed across the way to Lords Seat summit.  The head torches were out about halfway across.

dusky Skiddaw reflected in Bassenthwaite

ten minutes later from Barf summit looking over to the dodds across Keswick

Jonathan on Lords Seat

looking back to Barf
From Lords Seat summit there is a nice, well defined track down into the forest.  It's the kind of track you want if you are running in the dark.

We followed this until we got onto the main forest track where we worked our way downhill, generally going in the right direction.

After a while I recognised a track I had taken before and we turned off to climb down steeply through the woods, coming out just by our car.

slow progress on a slippery wet track through the woods 

four miles

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