Friday, November 22, 2013

Fixing Gowbarrow Fell

From the top of Gowbarrow Fell

Today I took part in a Fix the Fells work party.  It was a muddy affair on Gowbarrow Fell.  There is a path under construction, using quarry waste from Threlkeld.  The path is a nice surface but it finds the natural dips in the landscape, then these fill with water, then people walk around the water creating wider and additional paths.  Today we were spending time fixing some of these dips in the path as well as diverting water from the path by digging a long drainage ditch along the side of the path.

It was a lovely day to be out.  There were 17 volunteers plus park rangers and some bigwigs from the National Park and we all got stuck in.

I had a go with Peak Scanner, a new App on my iphone.  The idea is that you point it at a fell and it tells you about it.  It worked better than I expected, picking up Arthur's Pike and not doing too bad on Little Mell Fell (which is the left hand mound in the picture above.

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