Friday, May 31, 2013

Hen Comb

Hen Comb summit cairn.  Coming out of my left elbow is Robinson then the top of Dale Head.  Fleetwith Pike is prominent at the other end of Buttermere.

I found out tonight that "Hen Comb" apparently means, "The fell that looks like a hen's head".  What I already knew was that is was a medium height fell that could easily be ticked off after work.   This is perhaps why I have left it so long, always thinking that I'll save it for when I have not got much time.

8.5 miles in 2 hours

We parked by the telephone box and headed across to Hudson place and the path through the woods.  This path is nicely worn in now and it's a great surface to run on.

I'm trying to build my knee muscle up a bit.  I'm finding climbing difficult at the moment.  Tonight was good practice as there were some gentle climbs.  I think the best training is probably to keep climbing hills.  At least, that's what I tell myself.

We missed the shortcut at Watergate farm and ended up at Maggie's bridge.  We took the path back to High Nook Farm and then got onto the fell track.

After a short climb up the start of Black Crag, I realised the error of our ways and we descended back and over Whiteoak Beck.  From here we headed up to the ridge and followed the track to the top.

The usual summit dork antics ensued but it was pretty cold so, after a few pictures and a quick look at an inviting path to the South, we decided back the same way was the best way.  The run down was great fun.  For some reason we got down a lot quicker than on the way up.

Jonathan on Hen Comb.  Red Pike visible behind the cairn.

Hen Comb.

We turned the other way at the bottom to complete a circuit of Loweswater, heading along the roadside path back to the car.

Refreshments were enjoyed outside the Kirkstyle Inn.

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