Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trail run around Grange Fell

looking back towards Borrowdale from the initial climb up to Watlendath

about 8 miles

river crossing
There is definitely something special about running on a work day.  The nights are drawing out, sunset is about 8pm now and you can usually push an extra 20 minutes after that.

With my headtorch in my pocket, just in case, I headed towards Rosthwaite where I parked and headed over the bridleway to Watlendath.

The route I had planned was effectively a run around Grange Fell.  I knew most of it very well and it was just a track through the woods from the Watlendath road to the Borrowdale road that was new territory.

I ended up taking a different path than the intended one, heading along the east side of the river on a very rocky path (as attested by the mountainbiker I passed carrying his bike down the track) but it actually proved to be a better connecting route to the duckboarded path along the south side of Derwent Water.

duckboards across the marshy ground south of Derwent Water.

A wonderful surface to run on and fond memories of the very first blog post I made.

From here I joined the Cumbria Way back through Grange, through the woods past Millican Dalton's cave and along the river then back to Rosthwaite.

It was a beautiful evening.  I'm lucky to live around here.

The Jaws of Borrowdale in low light - lambs are in the fields

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