Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Embleton Church Race Course

The Embleton Church race was last weekend.  Jonathan ran it and said that it would be a great course to do after work.  So that's what we did last night.

Embleton Church - NY163 294
The course starts from the church, following the farm track across the road opposite to the church. Just after the start, the course starts to climb and keeps on climbing to the junction at Highside Farm.  The windy road along to the area marked Jenkin is up and down before a long descent, with one or two smaller hills thrown in, back to Hundith Hill Road.  After turning right, it is about a mile back to the church.  This section of the road is a mix of up and down but nothing too difficult.  The killer hills are at the start.

Our training has changed over the last few days, Jonathan has, wisely, decided not to do the GL3D and is going to train for a road marathon after Rivington this weekend.  That means he is tapering.  I am still doing the GL3D and want to try to use a run on Saturday and then Rivington the next day as a practice for long back to back runs.  This means that I still want to keep a fair amount of intensity to my running.  I ran this course at a tempo level, not all out but getting there.  I could definitely have gone a lot faster on the downhill sections.  Jonathan was right though, this is a great after work loop.


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